Monday, April 30, 2012

21 Weeks

Officially past the halfway mark! Now it's only a matter of time before our little boy makes his entrance! In the mean time mom and dad have lots to do.

Last week I talked about wanting to get more done. From my list of things to do I did one thing, which was to workout more. I worked out four times last week. Go me! I did not however read more or make a baby to do list; Unless you count thinking about the things I have to do. Now I just need to write them down.

Last week was a major growth week for me. I literally woke up on wednesday morning and felt like my belly had doubled in size. I gained about 3-4 pounds and the shape of my belly is definitely changing. I can tell my uterus is moving up because my belly looks rounded and I can feel the baby kicking much higher than before. It's so fun to me to see and feel all these changes. Maybe I'm just a pregnancy nerd. haha.

Another new development is that his kicks are getting much easier to feel from the outside and the Husband gets to feel him a lot now. Two of my girlfriends were able to feel him squirming around this weekend too. So sweet. :)

Here's an Update: 

Total Weight Gained: 5-6 pounds. Finally making some moves in the weight department!

How I'm Feeling: Great! The second trimester is definitely proving to be much better than the first.

What I'm Up To: Counting down the days till summer.

Workouts: Four.

Baby Clothes Bought: Four new outfits. Old Navy's clearance sections gets me every time.

On My Mind: Cloth diapers!

Here's a bump update:

Here's a peek at the adorable Old Navy finds:


I wanted to talk briefly about cloth daipers. I am obviously a newbie at this so I wanted to share what I have learned from blogs and friends and show you some pictures of the two brands I bought today.

*Keep in mind that I have not used these yet so I'm going off of what I have read or what other people have said about them.

First of all, cloth diapers have gotten so high tech! My mom used them with me and she was using the cloth, pins, and rubber pants. Now they come in all the shapes, sizes, and colors you could dream up.

From what I've gathered there are two kinds of the ones that are the most similar to a conventional daiper. There are pocket diapers and all-in-ones.

Today I bought one BumGenius all-in-one freetime one size and a FuzziBunz elite pocket diaper one size. They were both about $20 but I have heard of some great ways to get them for cheaper such as the ways listed on this site. For my next purchases I will probably try to get them cheaper.

For those of you who are new at this like me, this is what they look like:

The all-in-one has two pads that can be positioned in different ways based on where your baby wets the most which is a nice feaure. The pads don't come out of this one. It has lots of snaps for adjusting size but for the smallest size you have to fold over the front which I'm thinking might make it a little bulky.

The FuzziBunz have a little less on the snaps area but still size down fairly small. I have also heard the elastic on the leg holes is better which prevents any leaks. It came with two sizes of inserts that can be taken out and washed. I've also heard there are disposable inserts you can buy for when you are out. The inserts are taken in an out through an opening in the back.

As of now these are the two I have and once it gets closer I will buy a few more brands and decide once the baby boy gets here which ones work best for him.

The main reason I'm doing cloth diapering is of course because the idea of diapers sitting in landfills grosses me out beyond belief and because I will be staying home and can take to time to wash them. Plus they are more cost effective, especially after the second child and they are cute!

Hopefully I won't change my mind when I find out how much work they are lol but I'm up for the challenge!

Does anyone else have any cloth diapering advice/ favorite brands?

Hope everyone has a blessed week!

xoxo Jessenia + Baby Boy

Sunday, April 22, 2012

20 Weeks

I can't believe the halfway mark is finally here. I remember reading other blogs at the beginning of my pregnancy and thinking 20 weeks sounded so far away and yet it's here already.

This hasn't been a particularly exciting week and I'm finding myself getting more and more antsy for work to be over. My last day is in the first week of June and I cannot wait. I've also been feeling really behind and as a mentioned in my previous post. I need to make a to-do list to get myself a little more motivated.

One thing the husband and I have been working on is getting the baby's room ready. First the floor needs to be cleaned since the cats litter was in the room. Then the walls need to be painted and the floors done with wood laminate. We started the cleaning and already bought the paint. I'm hoping this can all get done before my mom comes to visit in June so that we can start decorating! That I am looking forward to!

I'm also thinking I need to make goals for myself each week so I can stay busy and get some much needed things done. This week my goals are to:
  • workout at least 3 times (I've been super lazy the past few weeks and I'm not liking the flab accumulating on my legs because of it! lol)
  • read more 
  • make a baby to-do list

I think those seem like some pretty achievable goals and once I compile a list I can get going on accomplishing the items on that list. 

Here's a quick update:
  • Weight gained: 2 lbs 
  • Workouts: 0, hence the working out goal 
  • Movement: so much! This baby boy loves to kick and squirm 
  • Cravings: back to nature chocolate chip cookies.. mmmmm
  • How I'm feeling: a little tired but over all pretty great!

Here's what I look like at 20 weeks 1 day:

Well that's all I have. Sorry for such a short post. Hopefully next week I'll be telling you about all the awesome things I accomplished! ;) Have a blessed week!

xoxo Jessenia + Baby Boy 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

19 Weeks

Uh oh. It's been more than 2 weeks since my last post. I'm sorry for being such a crappy blogger! Last week was Easter and we had a really busy weekend. By the time I thought about blogging I figured I would just wait a week so I could share the sex of the baby! 

We had our ultrasound last friday and we found out we are having ...... a ....... BOY!! 

The ultrasound was such an amazing experience. It was so cool to watch her zoom in on all his little body parts. When she got to the point to tell us about the gender she zoomed in and of course I already knew what it was before she told me and I couldn't even talk because I was tearing up so bad. 

After the ultrasound was over Johnny told me when she said it he pictured himself sitting there holding our little boy in his arms. *adorable* 

The doctor verified that everything looked great on the ultrasound and that the baby is right on track for how far along I am. He weighs 9 oz and his heartbeat was 155bpm. It still amazes me everyday that he's really in there and he's really going to be here in just a few months. 

The ultrasound tech got a few really good pictures. Even one with a thumbs up!

We are still contemplating a name but we are narrowing them down to a few. Boy names have proven to be a bit more challenging for me than girl names. 

I also bought a few items for our little boy just because. Two little man shoes and an adorable onesie. 

Through all the excitement of this week I've also been thinking about the fact that I am almost halfway through this pregnancy and I feel like I haven't done anything yet! I need to make a serious list. I haven't signed up for any classes, considered my birth plan, bought any baby stuff (other than a few things) so I feel like I need to get my butt in gear. 

On a not so cheery note, I'm sick again! This time i'm just stuffy, no fever so thats not as bad as before. Also, I haven't worked out in a week and a half. Slack life! I did however get a bicycle over the weekend so I'm planning on doing some riding once I'm feeling better. 

Heres a bump photo at 19 weeks 5 days! 

Does anyone have any suggestions for items on my to do list?! 

xoxo Jessenia + Baby Boy 

Monday, April 2, 2012

17 Weeks

Here I am again writing a post on Monday instead of Saturday. I have a feeling this may become a trend since weekends are so busy! This past week was another exciting week. I want to talk about some of the weird pregnancy symptoms I've had (don't worry I won't get too gross) and all the movement I've been feeling!

Some of the strange pregnancy symptoms I've experienced have been:

Extra Saliva: Who knew you make extra saliva when pregnant?! I sure didn't! I had read about it earlier in my pregnancy and thought "oh I wont get that" and in the recent weeks I have been proven so wrong. I've been taking lots of naps these days and one day I noticed that when I woke up I was laying in a puddle of saliva! I know so gross. I literally slept with a napkin under my face the other day. haha. All I can say is I'll be washing my pillowcase a lot more!

Food Aversions: I've thought most of my pregnancy so far that I don't have any aversions but I've been realizing lately that certain things just don't sound good (or smell good) to me anymore. The weirdest one is hummus. I've always made my own homemade hummus and I was asked by my sister-in-law to make some for my other sister-in-laws baby shower on Saturday. I got all the normal ingredients and starting putting them in the blender and realized the smell was making my sick! I mean hummus, really?! I was able to make it without throwing up or anything and even ventured to taste test it but it tasted disgusting to me. I had my hubby taste it too to make sure it was okay. Sure enough it tasted the same as always!

Pregnancy Bloat: Without getting too detailed, I'll just say that I never realized how bloated pregnancy makes you! Your digestive track literally slows down and everything moves a snails pace. I can't lie I'm kind of used to the way bloating feels because being a vegetarian can make you bloated at times but it's nothing compared to pregnancy bloat. The weirdest part is my belly size. Since I'm still pretty small and not showing a whole lot I can tell changes in my the size of my stomach based how how much I've eaten. I seriously think from morning to night my belly must grow at least an inch!

Thirst: I haven't felt like I have been thirsty all the time like many pregnant women are but I have noticed that thirst will hit me out of no where. I was taking a shower the other day and just the sound of the water made me incredibly thirsty and I had to drink a whole glass right after getting out.

The next topic I wanted to discuss is movement. This week was a big week for me and my little babes as far as movement goes. I had mentioned last week about feeling lots of flutters. I also said I was looking forward to kicks but I really didn't think I would be feeling them so soon!

Thursday afternoon I was sitting in an assembly at work listening to a Holocaust survivor speak (which was really cool by the way) when all of the sudden I felt a little tap on the inside of my belly. It literally felt like someone was flicking the inside of my stomach. It kind of feels like a twitch.

I thought "hmm that was weird" but within a matter of seconds it happened again about 3 times in a row and I just knew it was the baby kicking! I was so excited I wanted to cry but of course I wasn't about to cry in the middle of an assembly.

As I sat there for about 1 1/2 hrs I kept feeling the kicks on and off the entire time. Sometimes they were really light and sometimes they were harder. (I'm sure nothing compared to when baby is much bigger though)

This experience is on my top for most exciting things that have happened in my pregnancy so far and as the days have passed since then I have been feeling more and more kicks and squirming. It's so amazing to have a constant reminder of God's beautiful creation growing inside of me!

Here's an update for the week: 

Weight gained: 1 lb. That means I'm back at my pre-pregnancy weight after losing 2 lbs in the first tri.

Workouts: 3 - two pool & one 2 mi walk.

Movement: Lots of it!

Cravings: Organic gummy worms and soy yogurt.

Stretch marks: None. Applying that cocoa butter everyday!

Days until next appointment: 11. That's so soon. yay!

Here what I looked like on Saturday:

Hope everyone had a great Monday! Did anyone else have any weird pregnancy symptoms?

xoxo Jessenia + Baby