Monday, August 16, 2010

I'm in Miami Trick (ft. Joe Jonas)

The husband and I went to Miami yesterday for a day-cation. Unfortunately, Joe Jonas was not involved despite the title of this blog but I'll get to that later! 

We decided to go to Miami because we only live abut 2 hours away and since I'm going to be so busy with teaching soon we wanted to have a day to enjoy each other and have some fun away from it all. 

We started the day with breakfast at a restaurant on Ocean Dr. right across the street from the beach. When you walk down the sidewalk on Ocean you are basically walking through the outside of each restaurant and there's someone standing there to ask you if you want to eat as you are walking by. We decided on the restaurant Bellini because the girl out front offered us 15% off. 

The husband thinks they strategically place the pretty girls with foreign accents in the front to attract customers haha. I think he may be right. 

I had eggs, whole wheat toast, potatoes, fruit, and coffee. 

Needless to say, I'm glad we picked Bellini because the food was delish!!

After breakfast we went to the beach and laid out for a while followed by some swimming in the clear, calm water. It was gorgeous and relaxing. Actually, a little too relaxing for us though. We got bored of the beach quickly and decided to change out of our bathing suits and go check out the shops. 

I had to change in the beach bathroom and I have to say putting on makeup while sweating was a new and not very pleasant experience lol. 

Shopping was fun and the air conditioning was glorious. We tried on a lot of clothes but only ended up buying a few things. Which is good of course since everything there was pretty pricey. 

We did stop in at DASH Miami. For those of you who don't follow the Kardashians, DASH Miami is a boutique that the three sisters own (they weren't there though).  I confess to watching every episode of Khloe and Kourney take Miami so I am very familiar with the store from seeing it on TV. It was really neat to be in the store that I have seen the Kardashian sisters in, but the store itself really wasn't that great. The clothing was over priced for it's quality, it wasn't very clean inside, and they had very little merchandise. Also, the only thing I was actually planning on buying was a souvenir water bottle with their faces on it lol but .... they were all out. Imagine that! I still acted like a star struck dummy and took pictures outside of the store for the memory! 

Next, we ate lunch at a really cool place where you write out your own order. I got a huge salad with tons of toppings. It was incredible!

We then walked around a little more and took some photos before heading home. Overall, it was a really fun day with my favorite guy :)

Now to the Joe Jonas part .. I am officially registered for the Joe Jonas iWin Fun Run for Special Olympics Florida! I will be running in this 5k on Memorial Day with my cousin and one of my best friends. I'm really excited about it and I hope I see Joe (smiles like a 12 yr old).

I started "training" today by running 2 miles. It was nice out except for the gnats. They attacked me brutally. 

That's all for tonight. Hope you all had a wonderful Monday! 

If you could meet any celebrity, who would it be??

xoxo Jessenia

Thursday, August 5, 2010


For those of you who have never seen Rachel Ray, evoo is what she calls Extra Virgin Olive Oil. I don't know about you but I love evoo on everything! I rarely cook anything without it.

As I am typing this, I am eating a salad doused in evoo with a dash of salt. Perfection.

So, we know evoo tastes good and makes everything a bit more decedent but how far do it's benefits stretch? (drum roll .... )

Very far! Evoo is indeed one of the healthiest oils available. It is high in mono-saturated fat (don't worry that's the good kind!) which promotes many health benefits.

When you think of consuming a high fat diet, what do you associate it with?
Heart disease, obesity, diabetes?

The reason for this is because in the United States, the most consumed fats are the bad ones (animal fat, vegetable oil, hydrogenated fats) but in the Mediterranean (where evoo originated and is consumed the most) having a high fat diet is actually helping them live longer. People who replace these bad fats with olive oil actually have much less of a chance of developing these conditions.

In studies with Mediterranean people who's diets consisted of mostly olive oil, raw vegetables, soups, and poultry, they found the people to have significantly lower mortality rates and after 6 1/2 years of the study, some of them had a 50% reduced overall risk of mortality.

When compared to a traditional Italian diet, consisting of pasta, tomato sauce, red meat, animal fat, and white bread, the mortality rate increased. (sorry to all the Italians out there).

Evoo is also great for the heart, may cut risk for breast cancer, and has anti-inflammatory benefits.

Overall, this amazing oil not only tastes great but is great for your health too! I think I want to eat more like the Greeks and I really want to go there too!

What do you like to cook/ eat with olive oil?

xoxo Jessenia

(Most of the information in this blog came from here: whfoods)