Monday, March 26, 2012

16 weeks

& 3 days :)

This post is a few days late but better late than never right?! The past week was a really exciting one for two reasons. It's getting closer and closer to the ultrasound date and I'm starting to feel a lot more movement!

I was feeling a few flutters in week 15 but I didn't really think much of it because I wasn't sure if it was the baby or not. This past week I have really noticed a difference in the feelings and it's so exciting. I feel like there's a little worm squirming around in my belly.

I know this may sound crazy but I feel like I have felt, at least twice, movement from the outside. However, the husband couldn't feel a thing so I'm thinking it may have been mostly on the inside but a little on the outside if that makes sense!

Now that I have been feeling movement I always try to sit or lay down after I eat and just concentrate on trying to feel the baby move. It's such a surreal feeling and I'm so looking forward to all the movement and real kicks to come!

Our ultrasound is in exactly 17 days! We are beyond excited and super anxious. Well mostly me on the anxious part. I've never been a patient waiter. I've been reading about what to do before an ultrasound to get the clearest picture and up the odds of being able to tell the sex of the baby. It's been mostly mixed reviews with things ranging from drinking 4 oz of soda to eating chocolate to drinking a bunch of water. I'm thinking of calling my Dr's office when it gets close and asking them.

Other than that I'm just trying to enjoy every moment of this wonderful experience and try not to dread going to work everyday. Waking up at 6 am still doesn't agree with my stomach. But who knows maybe when I'm not working anymore I might miss it... Probably not. haha.

Here what I looked like on Saturday at 16 weeks:

Updates for the week:

Weight gained: 1 lb yay!

Workouts: 2 - water aerobics & a 2 mi walk

Movement: little squirms here and there

Gender predictions: still think it's a girl but a tiny part of my thinks its a boy too

Do any of you have suggestions on what to do before an ultrasound? Thanks for reading! :)

xoxo Jessenia + Baby

Monday, March 19, 2012

Prenatal Water Aerobics!

Good Afternoon! After having a boring Monday at work I decided to come home and make use of my free time instead of laying on the couch. I researched prenatal water aerobics and found an article that I liked. You can read it here.

I got the basic outline of what I wanted and ventured out to my pool, which was actually the first time I've gone in my pool since we bought this house 5 months ago! I'm not going to lie, it took me a while to get in because the pool is pretty chilly still but once I was in it felt great.

As per advised in the article I put on my sunscreen and made sure I had water readily available. Dehydration is a big pregnancy no-no. I also followed the article's instructions to warm up and then alternate between cardio and strength training. Here is the basic outline of my 30 min workout:

  • 5 min warm up: walking in shallow end, alternating directions. 
  • Cardio: jog in place in deep end at mid to high intensity for one minute, rest for 30 sec. repeat a few times.
  • Strength: step on to first pool step with right foot 10 times - repeat on left side. Step on the pool step from the side with right foot 10 times - repeat on left side.
  •  Cardio: tread water until tired.
  •  Strength: leg lifts in deep end - 10 forward on each leg, 10 sideways on each leg, 10 backwards on each leg. 
  • Cardio: Repeat first cardio.
  • Strength: Repeat pool step section.
  • Warm down: Swim around :) and don't forget to stretch! 

I am so thankful that I have a pool now and I can do fun stuff like this throughout my pregnancy. Since my favorite exercise (running) isn't an option anymore I need some cool workouts. I found this to be much more exciting than walking and also more relaxing.

And I just love Fl :) 81 degrees and sunny today.

Anyone else have any prenatal water exercises?!

xoxo Jessenia + Baby

Saturday, March 17, 2012

15 Weeks

Happy St. Patrick's Day!! We don't really do much for this holiday but I did do one festive thing today! Frienzies four leaf clover tattoos! (fake of course haha)

This week has been a good week overall but a very tiring one. Going back to work after a week off is always a culture shock. Then add in the time change, which makes it pitch black when I leave in the morning and the fact that I was still kind of sick and it makes for an exhausting week. But I'm not complaining! It was a good week. I'm finding myself getting more and more excited about the baby and it's so fun to daydream about him/ her throughout my day. :)

I also realized this week that I am obsessed with pregnancy blogs or blogs of anyone who is/ was pregnant. The main reason is because I find it so fun and interesting to read about other peoples experiences and see their growing bellies.

On that note, I was reading that in general when you are pregnant with a boy your bump is low and when you are pregnant with a girl your bump is high. Although my bump is just a wee thing I really think it's pretty low. This whole time I have thought the baby is a girl but lately I have been thinking it's a boy! The mystery will be over in just 4 weeks!

I finally bought a new bathing suit today which for me was accomplishment in itself. Since I've been pregnant I've been in need of a new suit but kept putting it off. When we got home I  laid by the pool with my friends and enjoyed the Florida sun. Very relaxing!

Here's my bump update. Although it might not look that much bigger, I feel huge! It's so cool to watch your body change everyday and know it's because the little one is growing bigger and bigger.

Here's an update on this week:

Weight Gained: 0 pounds

Cravings: anything salty. french fries.

Aversions: still cooked vegetables

Workouts: 0 - I mostly rested so I could get rid of my cold

Days Until Next Dr Appointment: 26

I also learned this week that you can count pregnancy months by either the lunar calendar or the regular calendar. If you count by the lunar calendar there are only 4 weeks in each month. Sounds good to me so I'm going by that. That means by the end of this coming week when I am 16 weeks, I will be 4 months pregnant! Craziness!

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

xoxo Jessenia + Baby

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

All Things Baby

I have been itching to buy baby stuff since I found out I was pregnant but I have been patiently waiting until we find out the gender so I can be specific in my shopping adventures. Only a little over 4 weeks and we will know! I am beyond excited for that day!

I also want to make a lot of clothes, toys, & accessories for my little one. I find it so fun to have unique items and making them is tons of fun too. I've been looking around for some inspiration and I wanted to share some of my favorites with you. Let me know what you think!

So simple and precious

Adorable baby boy felt shoes

I love this!

So you think I can make these?! I'm sure gonna try! I love the idea of simple, homemade baby things. I hate the idea of bright, flashy, cheesy baby things. hehe. 

What are your favorite baby items?!

xoxo Jessenia + Baby

Saturday, March 10, 2012

14 weeks

Ahh, spring break has come and gone. Although technically I still have about a day and a half. Unfortunately for me my spring break didn't turn out exactly how I planned because on Wednesday I got sick with a terrible cold and have been riding the couch ever since. Today I left briefly to see a movie with the husband but now its back to resting.

The good news is that before I feel ill I was able to get in two workouts for this week. One workout was spin class with my friend Amy. I used to love spin but I'll have to say that when you cant push your body to the point of exhaustion its really no fun at all. During pregnancy you're not supposed to get your heart rate going too fast so I felt more like I was taking a leisurely ride in the park. I really miss hard workouts!

The second was a long walk on the beach with my cousin in Jupiter on Tuesday. Nice and relaxing. 

Other than that I did a whole bunch of nothing this week except blow my nose, sleep, and blow my nose some more. 

Here's an update on what the baby was doing this week via 

At week 14, your baby is 3.4 inches and 1.5 ounces, he's almost doubled in weight since last week and keeps on growing. He's probably sucking his thumb and wiggling his toes in there. His kidneys are making urine, and his liver and spleen are doing their jobs, too and he's growing lanugo, a thin, peach-fuzz-like hair, all over his body -- it will help him keep warm!

I don't really think I look any different and my mom is convinced I won't start showing for a while. Five more weeks until we find out the gender!! 

Sunday, March 4, 2012

13 weeks

This week was probably one of the longest weeks ever, only due to the fact that it was the week before spring break. I'm so glad it's over and that I get to take a whole week for myself to work on the house and mostly just relax. Also, since I'm officially into the second tri I can say that I feel much better and it's not just in my head! I still feel tired but no more all day nausea. So glad to put that behind me!

This weekend we were in Orlando visiting with one of my best friends who lives in Minnesota. She and her husband were down here for vacation. We had a fun day with them yesterday and then out of no where our car breaks down! Long story short we had to take a taxi twice, spend a buttload to get the car fixed and wait at a mall for 4 hrs without the for mentioned friends! But life goes on right?!

In other news, there's been quite a few births this week amongst my Facebook friends and it's so sweet to see all the adorable pictures. Seems so crazy that that will be us in just 6 short months :)

I also went to the doctor this week and got to hear the baby's little heartbeat. I recorded it for Johnny since he was working. It's so surreal every time. I also got my appointment for the next ultrasound where we will get to find out the sex of the baby. We are so so excited!

Here's some updates from this week:

Weight gained: according to the doctor I lost 2 pounds. Stupid morning sickness.

Cravings: sweets, but I'm trying not I give in.

Baby items purchased: none. I'm waiting so I can be gender specific.

Maternity items purchased: belly band. When you wear jeans as tight as I do it doesn't take long until you can't button them anymore! Haha

Workouts: 3 - 2 mile walks

It might just be my imagination but I think I grew.

12 weeks
13 weeks

I'll be back after a week of relaxation ;)

Xoxo Jessenia + baby