Monday, June 25, 2012

29 Weeks

Happy Monday! It's cloudy and breezy here, which is a nice change to the normal scorching Florida weather. Today I am 29 weeks and 2 days pregnant! Time just flies!

Last week was a pretty good week except for another unfortunate encounter with heartburn that kept me up nearly all night on Tuesday night.

My Husband is working from home now so it's been nice to be able to see him more often. On Monday we drove down to the the Gardens Mall for a little day date and it was nice to get out of the house. We shopped around a little and then went to Whole Foods. We don't have a Whole Foods close by our house so every time we go to West Palm we always go there. We ate lunch there and I got a vegan pizza with olives and onions. Soooo good!

The rest of the week I spent just relaxing and thinking about all the things I have to do before our little man gets here in September. I think my nesting instincts are kicking in because I have the sudden urge to make lists for absolutely everything! Now I just need to little by little accomplish all the things on those lists!

The agenda for today is to clean up the house, work on some sewing projects and clean the floor in the baby room. That way sometime this week we can lay the wood laminate flooring and by next week I can start decorating/ organizing all the baby's things! So excited for this step!

I also printed up a list of all the things you need for a newborn and checked off what we have already. We probably have less than half of the things on the list so far but the ones left are are mostly the small things like burp clothes, shampoo, etc.

I'm also going to try to start blogging more than once a week! I don't have much of an excuse now that I'm not working. ;)

Here's a short recap on last week and a belly shot:

  • Weight gained: total so far is around 15 - 16 lbs 
  • Cravings: grilled cheese (soy cheese), cherries, buttermilk biscuits 
  • Belly button: officially an outie most of the time
  • Swelling: fortunately I haven't noticed any unless I'm walking when its hot out, my hands swell a little
  • Workouts: two, one pool day and one walking day 
  • Currently reading: Natural Childbirth the Bradley Method Way 

Have a blessed week!

xoxo Jessenia + Baby Boy

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

28 weeks

Here's to catching up! I haven't been able to blog in a while because my mom was in town. I had so much fun with her while she was here and miss her so much now but I'm so excited because she and my dad will be back in September for the arrival of our little boy!

I never wrote a post for 27 weeks but it was quite uneventful anyways. The 28th week however was full of new symptoms and an amazing baby shower and time spend with my mom. :)

During the week my mom was here I unfortunately experienced three new pregnancy symptoms. All of them very uncomfortable.

The first one was pretty normal. I woke up one day with terrible shoulder pain from only being able to sleep in one position. Let me tell you, I am so looking forward to sleeping however I want again! Luckily, my mom is a physical therapist so she massaged my shoulder and by the next day it was feeling much much better!

However, the next day I experienced the next symptom. It's a common one that i've encountered before but not as intense. When my mom was here I picked up on my walking again. We were doing 2 miles a day and I wasn't winded or tired. I was glad to be exercising regularly again but on the 4th day of walking I got a bad cramp on my right side. I've always been a runner so I am used to cramps. I slowed down though because I am more cautious now that I am pregnant.
Unfortunately, it wasn't going away so I walked my way slowly back home thinking I just needed to drink some water and sit down and it would go away. Boy was I wrong! It kept getting worse and worse. I would describe it as someone repeatedly stabbing you in the side. Not fun at all. I was pretty sure it was ligament pain but I called my doctor's office just to be sure and the nurse said to rest and it would go away within a few hrs to a few days. I could barely walk for the rest of the day and by the next day I could walk but very slowly. It sucked being so immobile!
Moral of the story is during pregnancy the ligaments holding up the uterus are working overtime so anytime you feel them get slightly irritated, stop what you are doing and rest or else they will just get more and more irritated! Sorry ligaments! haha

The last symptom, also common, was heartburn. I have never had heartburn in my life until I got pregnant and I really haven't had it very bad until last Friday. I woke up with it and then had to go to the Dr and do my glucose test (aka drinking a repulsive sugary drink that by the way has red 40 in it - I'm sure that's great for the baby - and then getting 3 tubes of blood drawn) so needless to say that didn't help the heartburn at all! My mom read some home remedies and I ended up getting rid of it by that night. I think the best thing is to keep hydrated which I tend to forget to do.

Enough with my sob story of aliments. I also had my baby shower this weekend! It was a really good time! Quite a few of my friends couldn't make it but it was a small group of close friends and family and I really enjoyed it!

It was blue and yellow airplane theme and we had lots of nutritious snacks and not so nutritious yummy cake and cupcakes! I got lots of wonderful gifts and it made me so excited for my boy to be here!

One of my favorite gifts was ... are you ready ... the B.O.B running stroller from my cousin and aunt!!! I cannot tell you how exciting this was for me! I feel so so blessed! I seriously just want to stare at it all day! I am beyond excited to start my postpartum exercising and even more excited to run with my little boy and B.O.B! You can't really run with the B.O.B until the baby is about 8 months but it is compatible with the car seat that I got so we will be doing lots of walking until then!

Life is so good right now! I feel so blessed everyday for all of the great things in my life and the ones to come! Here's the belly :) Until next time!!

xoxo Jessenia + Baby Boy

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

26 Weeks

This is gonna be a quick one but I'm tired of missing weeks! My mom is coming here on Thursday and I am soooo excited but have a lot to do by then, so here's a quickie update!

Weight gain: 2 more lbs. 12 lbs total.

Movement: Got kicked in the rib today!

Workouts: None.. again. I need to fix this.

Exciting things: Mom!!, 3 days left of work, 1 1/2 weeks until my shower!

Days till next dr. appointment: 10

Dreams: Had a few dreams about the birth and was super excited when I woke up. It's really going to be here soon!

Days until due date: 3 months, 2 days

How I'm feeling: round ;)

Until next time! 

xoxo Jessenia + Baby Boy