Thursday, February 24, 2011

Food That Loves You Back

Eating healthy is not easy. If anyone has ever told you it is, they lied.

Today I was about to go for a run when realized I was feeling pretty weak and almost shaky. Upon this realization I started to think of the probable causes. It took me all of about a half of a second to discover it was because I hadn't eaten a strong breakfast or lunch.

You see, the problem with eating healthy is that you have to be intentional with your eating and if you become lazy, you will certainly feel the results.

I am a vegetarian and I also do not eat fish or dairy. Some would say this limits my variety but I know better. However, I don't always give myself the variety I need because it takes preparation and time! Hence, what happened today.

So as I sat and thought about my need for intentional eating, I started snacking on some Kashi cereal and saw that on the box it said "Food That Loves You Back". Ah ha! I then decided to go to Publix to stock my refrigerator and cabinets with food that would love me as much I love it!

I know how to eat balanced meals. I know how to prepare them but I don't always do it. We all fall into eating ruts. We all get lazy. I'm the biggest culprit but I am encouraged that with some dedication I will feel as great as possible and eat some amazing food while I'm at it.

Now that I'm home from Publix, I made myself the first Green Monster I have had in ages. Why has it been so long?! The ingredients are a heaping handful of spinach, a handful of strawberries, and a cup of vanilla almond milk. The result: mud water that tastes like heaven. :)

Moral of the story is .. Make sure you are getting the fuel your body needs, eat intentionally, eat with a purpose! It's worth your time. I promise. :)

Do you ever fall into eating ruts?

xoxo Jessenia


  1. I think we all fall into ruts. Glad your out of yours. :)

  2. It's so difficult to eat healthy, but that's why I enjoy your blog because it inspires me to keep going and remember how excellent I feel when I do!