Monday, May 14, 2012

23 Weeks

Happy Monday! I took off work today and I am thoroughly enjoying my time off by relaxing and cleaning up the house. We had a great weekend consisting of a Friday night show by a friend's band, garage saling deals Saturday morning, pool Saturday afternoon, and a nice family Mother's day!

I am so excited about the deals we found on Saturday morning. We got a small crib $20, a baby swing for $17, and a bunch of new baby outfits for $12. I was especially excited about the swing because it is practically brand new and the price at the store is $100! Talk about a deal!

The small crib is going in our room next to our bed. I'll be posting before and after pictures when I am done making it over. I am going to paint it white and make a mattress pad, sheets, and breathable crib bumper for it.

I'm getting really excited that I only have 4 more weeks left of work and then I can finally focus on getting the house and everything ready for our little one. I started this weekend by sewing new throw pillows for the couch! You like?

As far as my pregnancy goes this week, I have been feeling pretty good. The only thing new is that I have been having more aches. It seems like every time I stand up for too long or sit down for too long my lower back hurts. I've also been uncomfortable sleeping some nights.

Another weird symptom that has popped up is swollen hands. I walked 6 miles last week and during one of the days I walked it was really sunny and hot out. I noticed about half way through that my hands were feeling really tingly and lo and behold they were swelling up. Once, I got home and out of the heat they went right back to normal though so that's good!

I went to the Dr. on Friday and heard the heartbeat again. So amazing every time! I asked the midwife a bunch of questions about labor and delivery and it got me really excited! Less than four months and all of it will become a reality.

Here's a quick update and belly shot:

  • Total Weight Gain: Official weigh in says 7 lbs. 
  • Workouts:  Three! 3 two mile walks & some pool exercises after one of them. 
  • Baby Items Purchased: Clothes, swing, crib, fabric for sheets for crib 
  • Number of Pants/ Shorts that Fit: One pair of stretchy shorts! Everything else requires a hair tie or being left unbuttoned. 


Hope everyone has a lovely week!

xoxo Jessenia + Baby Boy


  1. I boxed up all my non-maternity bottoms and MOST of my tops weeks ago! Thankfully I have been given a bunch of "hand-me-down" maternity clothes but honestly EVERYTHING feel so heavy & it isnt even the middle of July yet! I'm thinking I need to buy more light dresses! Great finds on the baby stuff - Our little man already has more clothes than both of us thanks to a cousin who is just 10 months older & a grandmother who is just a wee bit excited :-)

  2. I agree. It's been sooo hot out! Lucky you on all the clothes! :)