Tuesday, May 29, 2012

25 Weeks

Well, I skipped a week again! I'm blaming it on my tired, lazy, pregnant tendencies. ;) I can't believe I'm already at 25 weeks & 3 days. I just looked at the countdown on my desktop and it says 3 months and 9 days until my due date. Crazy! My sister-in-law just had her baby boy and seeing a cute little newborn makes me so excited and nervous! I don't have much experience with newborns but I'm sure my natural instincts will kick in when my little one arrives or at least I hope they do!

I'm sure we can all agree that pregnancy is an amazing miracle and a unique and wonderful experience but this week I wanted to talk about the parts that aren't so fun. I mean let's be real, some things about it are just not so enjoyable! There's a few things that I have really been missing but it's so worth it! Here's my top two:

1. Running:

Honestly, I think I miss running the most out of anything else. I know that there are a lot of people who run through there entire pregnancy. I give them props for that! I, however, have never felt from the beginning that it was right for me. I'm not very comfortable with it and plus I'm usually too tired for intense workouts anyways.
Before I was pregnant running was one of the biggest parts of my life. I recently ran my first half marathon and when I was training it was a huge part of my day. I love the feeling of being able to push my body to new limits and to feel such an accomplishment when I beat one of my own records. I'm so excited to get back to it because I feel like it is a piece of me and right now it's missing. I've already planned my first big race for next March, a half marathon! That will give me 6 months after delivery so I think I'll have plenty of time to prepare. I just really hope my little guy likes a running stroller!

2. Being Skinny:

I'm sorry if this comes out in a strange way but I like to be as real as possible! I honestly miss being skinny so much! (I am not saying I am fat now, but just that I am "different" than before). I have been mostly the same size my whole life and enjoy working out and staying in shape. It's a part of who I am and I like putting in the work and feeling healthy because of it. I know that I am still healthy and that I need to gain weight for the baby which I have kind of enjoyed doing (I love eating!) but it's a strange feeling so see and feel your body change when you are used to it being one way.
I love my belly because I know there is a beautiful baby boy inside of it but I'm not gonna lie, looking down and seeing a huge bump instead of a flat stomach is an adjustment. My hips and butt have also grown a lot! My husband sure isn't complaining but putting on a pair of shorts that used to be loose and are now tight is also just a bit strange. All I can say is I'm glad that pregnancy is only 9 months because I want my normal body back! I know it won't be the exact same body I had before but I can at least try!

Some other things I miss are being able to drink coffee, being able to do things without getting tired, and sleeping on my stomach! All in all though, these sacrifices seem so small in comparison with the huge blessing it is to being having our first child! We are so blessed and excited for him to be here and that's what keeps me going! :)

Here's an update and bump photo:

Weight gained: Not sure how much since last time a posted but since the beginning of pregnancy about 10 lbs.

Workouts: none.

Exciting happenings: My shower is officially set for the 16th of June and my Mom will be here! Yay!

Days left of work: 8!

Movement: Lots of it. Now that he's getting bigger I've notice the movements feel a little different. It's simply amazing!

What were the things you missed or miss the most while pregnant?

xoxo Jessenia + Baby Boy


  1. I missed sleeping on my tummy too and my back! Of course I missed being skinny too, especially in the 3rd trimester. lol But you'll get your body back! Someone posted this on Pinterest and I thought it was good. http://styleberryblog.com/33-days-losing-the-weight-baby You look great! Next time I have a baby I want to try to put more effort into what I wear while pregnant. Blu pinned this on Pinterest and I thought it was very inspiring. http://aurajoon.blogspot.com/2011/02/dressing-bump-2nd-trimester.html

  2. I understand completely! For me, it took sooooo long to lose the 70+ pounds that I gained during high school / college that watching the scale go up up up it tough to swallow. And thinking about all the work ahead to get back to a place where I feel comfortable in my body is scary but there is no doubt that it will be worth it! I think this gives us an opportunity to realize that life is full of high and lows what defines us is how we react :-) I cant wait to see pictures from your baby shower! Mine is July 7th! Yay!

    1. I think it will be a nice challenge! :) and yay for baby showers! So exciting!