Sunday, August 5, 2012

35 Weeks

The countdown on my computer currently says 1 month, 2 days until baby! I can hardly believe it's almost here and part of me wishes it would just be here already. Soon enough our little boy will make his debut. I'm so in love with him and I can't wait to meet him.

This week has been interesting. I am getting bigger (of course) and as much as I'd like to say I love being pregnant, that's not entirely true. I love feeling my boy move and I love the amazing miracle it is to carry him but I don't like having a massive basketball in from of me. ;) I think at this stage most pregnant women would agree they are kind of over it, but I will keep on going with joy and excitement because I know the end result will be one of the greatest blessing I will ever receive!

Since my due date is quickly approaching I figured it's about time to compile my hospital bag. This is so exciting to me because it makes me think about everything that is ahead of me. Reading the bradley method and standing on scripture has given me a calm attitude toward labor and deliver and I'm actually really excited about it.

I've read a few blogs and articles about what to bring to the hospital and I decided I'm going to be one of those people who over packs. It's just in my nature. Here's my list so far. Let me know what you think!

The Bag:

  • swim shorts for hubby - just in case I want him to get in the tub/ shower with me during labor
  • insurance info and copies of birth plan - how many copies is too many?! 
  • bradley method book - just in case hubby needs to refresh his knowledge ;)
  • bible verses on childbirth - to read in between contractions
  • non-skid socks - for walking the halls during labor - these are up in the air still because I don't usually like my feet being covered
  • old sweater - to wear during labor if I get cold 
  • glasses - I'm planning on wearing contacts during labor because I don't want anything touching my face but I def want the option to wear glasses after when I'm tired 
  • headbands and pony holders - I'm hoping to be able to do my hair before I leave for the hospital - I know I sound crazy but having my hair done makes me feel good and I want to feel as good as possible during labor so these will come in handy if I need to get the hair out of my face
  • pen and notebook - for writing down birth story the next day when it's fresh in my brain :)
  • change - for vending machines - never know when hubby or I will want a snack 
  • cards - I have to stay at the hospital for 48 hrs so we might get a little bored 
  • computers - I've been reading a lot of birth stories and one woman said she watched a movie and it helped distract her from contractions - you never know 
  • tennis balls inside a sock for back massaging - hoping I won't have back labor but just in case 
  • snacks - energy bars and chews - don't know if I'll feel like eating during labor but if I do I will be prepared
  • chapstick - very very important! 
  • fuzzy blanket - love my fuzzy blanket 
  • birth ball - I have no idea what will help relax me during labor so I'm keeping all options open 
  • coconut oil - to rub all over my belly during labor to avoid any stress to my skin
  • shoes/ socks - as mentioned above I'm not sure what my foot covering of choice will be for labor but I want all options available 
  • pads - gotta have options other than the ones at the hospital 
  • underwear - same
  • baby quilt - I want little baby boy to be nice and warm and snuggly in the baby quilt grandma Tullar made him!
  • water - I'm a zephyrhills snob so I'll probably bring a bottle or two
  • phone chargers - can't let the iphones go dead 
  • clothes for hubby - for the 48 hr stay
  • clothes for me - same - I will probably bring some sweatpants, maternity tanks, and a sweater, possibly pjs or I might just sleep in a hospital gown - what's it really matter
  • boppy pillow - for nursing - not sure if I will use this but again I like options 
  • towels - I've heard hospital towels are thin 
  • breast pads - every time I hear this is makes me laugh - but hey don't want any leakage 
  • toiletries - shampoo, conditioner, face wash, body wash, lotion, etc. 
  • make up - don't know if I'll have the energy to put on makeup but I know it'll make me feel more human 
  • straightener - crazy I know but if I have the energy to use it, I just might 
  • sleeping bag and pillow for hubby 
  • sleep and nursing bras - I'm going to try making a few diy nursing bras - more on that later 
  • going home outfit - not sure what this will be yet 
  • diapers & wipes - I know they give you these but I might bring some just in case
  • baby outfits - I'll probably only bring a few - I want my boy to be stylish
  • hat/ socks for baby - gotta stay warm
  • swaddler - another thing I might use, if not oh well
  • car seat - obviously will be in the car! 
Whew! Did I forget anything?? 

I'm so excited I can hardly wait! Now I need to do some baby laundry and start packing this bag! 

Oh and here's my massive belly. Our boy is growing! I guess that's what I get for marrying a giant. ;)

Is there anything you found you didn't use at the hospital or anything you couldn't live without?

xoxo Jessenia + Baby Boy 


  1. Getting so excited... Love you guys

  2. Lansinho cream was a must !( helps with the soreness from breastfeeding)- def. Bring the breast pads ,you don't want the cream to ruin your bras or shirts , and some larger panties so the large pads will fit! ;) also yoga stretch pants were a must for me ! So comfy! And your own pillow from home . :)