Sunday, July 29, 2012

34 Weeks & Maternity Photos!

This week we took maternity photos and I am so happy I have them back already so I can share them!

We had the maternity photos done by Michael Afonso. You can see his work Here.

The location we chose is called the House of Refuge and its on the beach in Stuart, Florida. I loved the place we picked because there is so much diversity in the scenery.

I am so pleased with how the photos came out and overall it was such a fun experience! Michael is actually the boyfriend of one of my friends, Asia, so she came along too which made it even more fun. Here's some of the pictures. Enjoy!

I also wanted to include a belly shot for the week since this photo shoot was taken on Wednesday and it is now Sunday.

Do I look any bigger?! I feel like I get bigger everyday! Lately, I have been feeling oh so heavy like I want to just hold my belly up when I'm walking.

I've also been seriously slacking on exercise, but honestly, at 34 weeks pregnant everything other than sitting feels like exercise. Well maybe not the kind of exercise I am used to but let me tell you after walking on the beach from location to location for the photo shoot I felt like I did a decent amount of work so let's just call that my workout for the week!

Next week I'm going to talk about what I'm bringing in my hospital bag. It's getting so close! : D

xoxo Jessenia + Baby


  1. ❤the photos! It's getting so close...soon you'll be posting pics of baby Connor, too! Excited for you both.

  2. i just love your maternity shoot! we also choose our location b/c of the variety of back grounds. it is incredible the moments that the photographers are able to capture. i cant wait to do new born ones!!!

    1. Newborn photos are so precious. Not too long for us now :)