Saturday, May 15, 2010

We Were Walking Downtown

I'm back from vacation and I must say I miss it already. The husband and I went to visit my parents in Honduras. We had an amazing time! We swam in rivers, waterfalls and the ocean and had a great time spending time with my parents. I miss them already.
Since we've been back I've only worked out once. I went walking with my brother's girlfriend, Cheryl. We walked up a bridge and around downtown and back. It was about 3 miles. It was really nice outside, pretty windy but it was good because we didn't get too hot. I was actually pretty sore after. Probably because I'm used to running and not walking but I think I can really get into the whole walking thing. it's quite relaxing.

Next week I'm going to start back at the gym and do some more walking!

Also, I made organic brownies and they are delish!

xoxo Jessenia