Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Eating Intentionally

Hello There! I have not blogged in a very very long time! I have been so busy and haven't had a chance or much inspiration but today I do. Lately, I have been so busy I have not worked out much. I also have found that upon arriving home from work around 3:00 pm every afternoon, I get a serious case of the munches. I think this is due to eating a somewhat small lunch at work consisting of a salad and a small snack. Now, don't get me wrong if I am hungry I know that I need to eat. Being a vegetarian can be tricky in that way because if the food you are eating is not particularly filling you find yourself hungry a lot. (Note: I've been a vegetarian for almost 5 months! crazyyy
Going on these snacking binges has proven to be anything but successful. I think that being a vegetarian can seem like a healthy thing to do but I believe it's only healthy if you approach it in the right way. Let's say I get home from work after having a salad for lunch and I'm hungry. First thing I go for are some pretzels. I snack on them while watching TV. Once I get sick of them I move on to a bowl of cereal (Kashi w/ almond milk), after that I am still hungry and have not satisfied my hunger so I go for a piece of fruit. Do I stop there?! Sometimes. 
Although all of the items I just listed are considered relatively healthy, they are not however sustaining. Hence, why I feel the need to continue to eat. Living a vegetarian life style is not in any part easy, that is if you want to do it right. I have started taking more vitamins such as B12 and Iron and I am more conscious of getting enough protein. If you don't do these things you can find yourself tired and lethargic. 
For me all of these things have been a learning experience for me. I love being a vegetarian but I think I need to start working at it and eating more intentionally. By this I mean thinking about what I'm putting into my body based on energy and nutrition. I love this article by NoMeatAthelete because in it he outlines all of the non-meat foods from which one can obtain protein. (To read article Click Here) I realized that I am not getting enough and that in order to do so I need to balance out my diet and use my brain instead of my stomach to make decisions. 
Today, I chose a whole wheat bagel with peanut butter because they are both great protein sources. I am going to a cardio class tonight so I know I will need the extra boost. Also, I'm not still hungry! I gave my body the nutrition and energy it was seeking to hold me over until it's time for dinner. It might take more thinking to eat this way but I believe it's worth it! 

I hope you enjoyed my little insight for the day and even if you aren't a vegetarian, eating intentionally is still something that can work for you. It's all about doing what's best for your body. 



  1. Asia O'GradyJuly 15, 2010 at 5:26 AM

    I can definately relate to situations like that. It may also be helpful to bring in some more sustainable lunches to work, since lunch is said to be the meal you should really fill up on during the day. Maybe some whole wheat leftover pasta or some hearty bean-rich soup can help tie you over til dinner. ;)

  2. Welcome Back! And Great Post! Its funny how all of our routines are very individualized but we seem to go through similar struggles on different levels. Keep at it and it does get earlier… right? The whole idea of a lifestyle change is that we are making permanent changes and the only way for those changes to become a habit is to be persistent and knowledgeable :-)