Saturday, July 31, 2010

Couches and Cupcakes

Is it really 8:22 already? I feel like the day just started. Today the husband and I went couch shopping and we ended up finding a really nice black sectional we liked at Rooms To Go. We decided we wanted to pick it up ourselves so we would have to come back for it.

We got home and had some time before the truck we were borrowing would be available so we decided to go grocery shopping. On the way we saw a huge garage sale and I couldn't say no. 

Garage sales are the best.

It was scorching hot out but we ended up finding two awesome leather like chairs that match amazingly with the couch we picked out. After getting them loaded in the car we decided to just skip grocery shopping and came home to move out one of our old couches to my sister-in-laws house. 

After that it was finally time to go buy and take home our new couch and we were super excited until...

We got there and she told us we couldn't pick it up today. 

Which she never told us before lol. Slightly disappointing but life goes on! So we bought it and it's being delivered on monday! I can't wait. 

I also made organic chocolate cupcakes today. yum yum. I've made the same mix once before but it was super dry so this time I added mayonnaise and they turned out much more moist. I love cupcakes so much. They're just so little and cute haha.

Sorry if this post was slightly boring .. but i just had to put up pictures of my cupcakes because .. well.. they are cupcakes ;) 

What's you all time favorite flavor cupcake?

xoxo Jessenia


  1. I like your chairs and the cupcakes are great looking. I don't like cupcakes. :)

  2. I love cupcakes! My favorite flavor is chocolate with banana or blueberry cupcakes. Can you share a recipe how you make those organic cupcakes? Greetings and those couches are great!

  3. I actually used a box mix that I bought at the local health food store! So it was super easy but like I said I did have to add about 3 spoonfuls of mayonnaise to make it a little more moist. Enjoy! :)

  4. Thanks for the couch! it should fit perfect :) the chairs go great with the couch you picked out-such a great find!

  5. Your very welcome! Ya can't beat them for 3 bucks each lol

  6. It is an adorable little shop with couches and tables for cupcake enjoyment. I like cupcakes...

  7. I bought a box of cupcakes around the corner at Les Glaceurs, a new dessert lounge in the Old Port.