Thursday, September 13, 2012

One Week!

I can't believe it's already been nine days since my little man was born. Time seems to be flying by! Life with a newborn seems to make the days go by so fast. I'm trying to treasure every moment with my baby boy because I already feel like hes getting so big and changing everyday. Its so amazing to watch him grow. I love him so much.

I wanted to take some time and reflect on the first week of his life and my first week of not being pregnant anymore.

Connor's First Days:

Day One: You finally arrived and you were so gorgeous with chubby cheeks and bright eyes. Your daddy and I had a long first night with you and he had to walk back and forth and rock you to get you to sleep. I think you missed being inside my belly. When you finally fell asleep you slept on my chest and I loved feeling you so close to me. 

Day Two: Lots of your family came to visit you and they all love you so much! You got your ears checked and you passed the test at the highest level in both ears at the same time. The nurse said that means you are very smart! You slept with me again and you made the most adorable baby noises. Even though I was tired I didn't want to fall asleep because I just wanted to stare at your adorable face. 

Day Three: We took you home and you had your first car ride. It was pouring rain when we left the hospital. When we were leaving the hospital a transformer blew right where we were about to drive and it made a bunch of sparks. It was like fireworks celebrating you going home! 

Day Four: You seemed very comfortable at home and you love to sleep in your little rocking crib in the living room. The cats are curious about you and I cant wait until you are big enough to play with them. You are a very picky baby and you know what you want but you are a very good boy and you don't cry very much unless you are hungry. You are the sweetest boy ever!

Day Five: You had more visitors. You are one loved boy! I'm really enjoying breast feeding you because we get plenty of snuggle time. Sometimes you hold onto my finger while you are eating. When I woke up in the morning you were laying on your side and now you love to sleep on your side. You are so strong and already roll to your side from your back all by yourself!

Day Six: We went to your first Dr appt and you did so well. We found out that they measured you wrong at the hospital and that you are really 20 1/4 instead of 18 1/4. We knew you seemed longer than that and we were right! You weighed in at 7lbs 13oz which is two pounds above your birth weight! You were down to 7lbs 3oz on your second day and you gained all that back and then some! You are a great eater and we spend lots of time on feedings. The Dr said its because you are going to be tall like your daddy. 

Day Seven: You are one week old! When I burp you, you hold on to my arm and its the cutest thing ever. We love you so very much! When you are fussy or hungry you kick your legs as fast as you can and your daddy said that if we put you on the ground that you would just start running. I hope that means you will be my running buddy when you get older!

I'm sure there's a lot more that happened that I missed but overall its been just amazing for my husband and I to bond with our little guy and its so crazy that he came from us and hes part me and part my husband. So so cool!

How I've Been Feeling:

Since I had a c-section I've been having to recover from that, get used to having a newborn, and learn to breastfeed all at the same time. I'm not going to lie its been a challenge and I felt really overwhelmed at times and even had a few emotional breakdowns (dang hormones) but even though the first week was a challenge, its worth every single tear, ache and pain because our little boy is such a blessing! Everyday I feel a little better and more like myself and I think overall the husband and I are settling into parenthood fairly well. 

My husband is the most loving father and it amazes me how he transitioned into fatherhood so easily. Its like he was made for it! 

During my pregnancy I gained just about 30 lbs. At one week postpartum I was down 18 lbs. Here's me at 8 days postpartum.

 I obviously haven't done any sort of exercise and I won't be able to until I get cleared by my doctor. I want to make sure I am healing well before I start any kind of workout. The 18 lbs I lost so far was solely from Connors weight, fluids, placenta, etc, and breastfeeding. So I still have 12 lbs to go and as much as I miss my old body I'm more concerned about healing and will ease into working out soon with my Dr's permission.  

I'm probably going to give updates on my little guy once a week and will give another update on my recovery/ postpartum weight loss at one month. Also, I know I promised the second half of the birth story and it's coming, I promise! Being a mom is a busy life. ;)

Now I'm off to spend more time with my little bundle of love! 

xoxo Jessenia 


  1. You look great for 8 days!! Things will continue to change back as you keep breastfeeding. Love on that boy for me and let me know when life slows down a little and you're ready to get the boys together for a play date. <3 No rush. = )

    1. Thanks! I went to the Dr. today and he said I can go for walks so we should do a stroller walk sometime soon!! :)

  2. What a great update! It's good to hear how well you're both doing. Enjoy every moment- it is obvious that you are. These days are so incredibly precious.