Wednesday, October 10, 2012

5 Weeks Post Baby

I'm pretty excited about writing this post because I love to read about other women's postpartum progress. Pregnancy is such an amazing experience and it's crazy what our bodies can do. God created us to put up with a lot of changes but it also takes it's toll on our bodies.

A few weeks pregnant 
On the day Connor was born - I look like a whale!
Since Connor's birth I have felt like my body is unrecognizable to myself and naturally it should be. It's not the same as it was before because it grew a human being inside of it. Just writing that sounds crazy! At the beginning I definitely had the baby blues and was emotional about everything and especially my body. I have always taken pride in my physical fitness not because I care what people think but because I care about how I feel about myself. I love working out and feeling and seeing the results of my hard work. 

As anyone who has ever had a baby knows, after giving birth your body is a strange place; from jello-y stomachs to huge butts and thighs to leaking boobs. It all comes with the territory. It's not so fun but it all serves a purpose in the nurturing of our babies.

 As of now, at 5 weeks postpartum, I look pretty normal, just not normal for me. My boobs are enormous which makes it hard to fit into my pre-pregnancy shirts but I'm not complaining haha. My stomach is almost flat again. In the morning its pretty flat but shows bloating by the end of the day. Unfortunately, I won't be able to do any ab work for a while because of the c-section but honestly it doesn't really bother me that much. It's not even bathing suit season anymore. ;)

My butt and thighs are the major problem areas. These are the places that my body naturally gains weight. As long as I can remember anytime I have put on any weight it goes straight there. I still can't fit into any of my pre-pregnancy shorts or jeans because of it and its killing me but I know it's only a matter of time if I keep up with working out. 

As far as weight goes I am still about 7 lbs above my pre-pregnancy weight and honestly I could care less about the number on the scale. All I care about is what I look like and how I feel, not how much I weigh. I don't really expect to go down to my pre-pregnancy weight anyways because my boobs are at least a pound heavier each lol. 

5 weeks 2 days postpartum - feeling much more like
myself but still have a ways to go!
I have been calculating my postpartum progress in inches; inches around my thighs and my hips. I don't know what my measurements were before I got pregnant but I measured about a week after giving birth and since then I have lost an inch in my thighs and 1/4 of an inch in my hips.

One week postpartum - I look so tired - I still could
barely walk

I haven't really been able to work out until just recently because of my c-section (which also caused a lot of emotions on my part - knowing if I had a natural birth I could have been running sooner) but I'm just learning to go with the flow and I have started running with walk breaks and it's amazing to be back out again. Running makes me feel like myself and it's done wonders for my mindset. Next week I will be at the 6 weeks point and will start full running and adding in some squats, lunges, & other activities such as pilates and yoga. 

As far as food goes I've cut out all processed food (shouldn't be eating these anyways) & bread. I've still been eating a lot and wouldn't call this a diet since I am breastfeeding and need to keep up my calories. I've been eating lots of fruits & veggies, brown rice, whole wheat pasta, nuts and beans. 

Overall, I'm content with the way my body is currently because it's all a part of the process that God designed for pregnancy - the milk's gotta come from somewhere! But I'm not accepting of the way my body looks and that's why I have been doing whatever I can to change it. I'm not the kind of person who can look in the mirror and be okay if I don't like what I see. 

That is what this blog has always been about. The name If It Jiggles comes from the quote "It's simple, If it jiggles it's fat" from the one and only Arnold Schwarzenegger. The reason I like it is because to me it means that if we aren't okay with our current level of fitness we have the power to change it! This does not mean I am going to take drastic measures it just means I'm going to work hard within what is allowed at this point and look forward to the results I want to see! :) We are all capable of success if we put in the work. 

I'm looking forward to being active again and hopefully running a 5k next month!

What were your experiences with postpartum weight loss/ exercise? 

xoxo Jessenia 


  1. You're right on girly! I remember at 6 weeks feeling pretty much back to normal, but I couldn't do a sit up to save my life! It was weird! haha My stomach looked about the same as it did before, but my muscles just weren't strong yet. They say not to rush into the crunches because it can actually be bad for your muscles and make them like ...separate? or something? Look it up. Just be slow to ease back into crunches. Wait a while. = )

    1. Thanks! Ya I don't think I will do any abs for a couple months. I have heard that your abs separate during pregnancy and you should do certain exercises to make sure they go back together well but my dr. said since he was already in there that he sewed mine together lol score!