Monday, October 8, 2012

1 Month

Today my baby boy is 1 month & 4 days old. I've been meaning to write this post for the past four days but time is becoming more and more scarce around here! Connor basically decides how much and when I have any free time but I don't care because spending time with him is mostly all I want to do anyways and like the baby detergent commercial says "you have a child forever but a baby for just a year!"

As our boy is growing & growing we are seeing his personality shine. He is just like his mom and he is a handful! He knows what he wants when he wants it so he constantly keeps mom and dad on our toes :)

Some of his personality traits are:

loving to move - kicking his arms & legs, riding in his stroller and the car - he's an athlete I tell you!

making adorable baby noises - my favorite is the sigh after sneeze - so so sweet

being a momma's boy - i have to either lay him on my chest or right next to me and pat his back at night for him to fall asleep - i know it's a bad habit but how many times in my life will i have a tiny baby boy pining for my attention?

loving his new baby seat - he loves to look up at the colored animals - however his content state only lasts about 15 minutes before he wants me to hold him or to be fed

loving to eat - all the time - although this is great for him, it's exhausting for me - breastfeeding is no joke!

smiling for daddy - somehow my husband always seems to get the big smiles - he says they are having "guy time" :)

loving listening to daddy's "good" music in the car - my husband is convinced it makes him fall asleep (apparently taylor swift & justin bieber don't count lol)

loving his car seat - he takes 99% of his naps in it either by falling asleep on car rides or walks or i just lay him in it when we're at home - unbuckled of course - he hates the buckles 

having tons of gas - this boy is a farting machine

hating his own bed - i have his crib side-cared to our bed and apparently he doesn't know grandma bought him an organic mattress because he ends up in our bed most of the time

I'm sure there are many other things I can write but my time is limited! Overall, my husband and I have been feeling so blessed to have such and amazing baby boy in our lives. Even with the lack of sleep we are both staying sane and loving every minute spent with our little guy.

I was also going to write about my postpartum progress but haven't had time too take pictures so I'll post about it soon. Hope everyone has a lovely week!

xoxo Jessenia 

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