Monday, October 22, 2012

The Endless to-do List

Happy Monday! It's nap time here at the Tullar household and so far I picked up the living room and worked out. I probably should be doing laundry and dishes but instead I'm taking the time to write down all the things I need/ want to do.

Lately I have been feeling so motivated and excited to do so many things. Like I mentioned before, I really think that having a newborn takes up so much time that you don't take any time for granted. I've recently been sucked back into pinterest so of course there are millions of ideas swirling around in my head every time I look at it.

So here it goes, my to-do list begins! :)

  • start a garden (i already have sweet mint, chocolate mint, & spinach)
  • make diy cleaning supplies
  • make diy toiletries (ie shampoo, deodorant)
  • sew a bandeau bra
  • fit into my old jeans ;) 
  • up my running milage 
  • workout everyday
  • start cloth diapering full time
  • make diy cloth diaper detergent
  • bake some fall treats 
  • go completely gluten free 
  • clean/ reorganize my house one little section at a time (this may take me foreverrr)
  • run a 5k 
& of course spend lots of time with my hubby and baby boy in this gorgeous weather! 

Hope everyone is having a wonderful monday!

xoxo Jessenia 

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