Monday, October 15, 2012

Nap Time Projects: Natural Orange Cleaner

Recently I've noticed that I do more housework/ projects now, with a newborn, than I did when I was pregnant. One reason is probably because at the end of my pregnancy I was so big that I didn't want to move lol but I think it's also because newborns take up so much of your time that the time you do have when they are napping becomes a mad rush to get things done.

My husband got a great deal on one of those video monitors at Target that connects with your Iphone so when Connor is napping in his room I just carry around my phone and watch him sleep. Sometimes I catch myself just staring at him because he's so darn cute. 

my view from my phone
Today I decided to start a project that I recently discovered on Pinterest (which has by the way sucked me back in again!). It's a natural orange & vinegar cleaner and it's super easy to make. I've always known normal cleaners have lots of chemicals but I never really took enough time to think about it and plus the "natural cleaners" that you can buy are expensive. 

Since I found this idea I figured if it works I can get rid of the cleaners I have and not have to pay the money for the expensive natural ones. 

So here it goes - super easy explanation: 

First you get your ingredients - oranges, vinegar, & a canning jar - you can also lemons. 

Next you peel your oranges and save the inside to eat later.

Put your peels into your canning jar and cover completely with vinegar. 

Let this set on the kitchen counter for about 2 weeks and then pour into a spray bottle. You can leave it concentrated or add water. I will probably try a 50/50 mix. Also, I read that if you are using it to clean windows or glass tables you can add a few drops of dish soap and it won't leave any streaks.

Now I just have to wait 2 weeks to try this out. I will follow up then on how it works! 

Have any of you tried this or any other diy natural cleaners? 

xoxo Jessenia 

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