Wednesday, November 7, 2012

2 Months Post Bump

Hola! Has it really been 2 months 3 days since my little C was born? I can't believe it and yet it feels like he has been a part of our lives forever. A friend of mine is pregnant and she asked me how it was being a parent and I told her that sometimes I look at him and I just want to cry because I am so happy. (sometimes I do lol)
One week - 7 weeks
This past month has been full of changes and milestones for Connor. He is growing so fast and we are loving every single second with him. I wish I was writing down more of what he is doing and I am trying so that I can write it all in his baby book.

At around 7 weeks he started making so many new noises. I just love hearing his little voice! So many coos and grunts and everything in between. He has also mastered to art of whining.. wonder where he gets that from! haha I said in my one month post that he had my personality and it becoming more and more apparent daily. Even though he is hard sometimes I don't even mind because he is the sweetest most adorable baby I've ever seen (of course ;)).

At around 8 weeks he started to suck his thumb and is very interested in getting his hands in his mouth. He only gets his thumb in his mouth on occasion and is still exploring and trying to figure out his little hands and what there are. So cute.

I know all babies are gassy but this guy like I said before is a farting machine! It's so hilarious and gives Johnny and me lots and lots of laughs. I'm thinking it's because of my vegetarian diet. Any vegetarians out there experience this?

He is very active and doesn't sit still for a second unless he is sleeping. He is constantly kicking and turning his head to look at everything he can. He is very strong and already has pretty good control of his head. He loves to be held in a standing up position and can hold himself standing for a few seconds. I try to give him tummy time daily but he hates it! Hopefully he'll like it a little more soon.

He still is eating every hour unless he is sleeping and it is so tiring but I'm kind of getting used to it now. My mom was reading on Dr. Sears website that babies that are breastfed on demand vs. a schedule grow faster and have an easier time maintaining their weight when they get older because they control when they eat. Makes sense to me! I think he has to eat so much because he burns so many calories with all he crazy moving.

He smiles all the time and loves to look at his daddy. I love seeing them together and cannot wait to see what the future holds. The dad and son relationship is such a special one and I feel so blessed to have a husband who is such a great father.

Here's how I've been doing:

At two months postpartum I am feeling great! Occasionally my incision feels a little sore but its not painful at all. I have been running pretty consistently the past few weeks and I am training for a 5k in decemeber. I am following two plans picking and choosing workouts from both depending on how I am feeling. I can't say enough about how great it is to be back running again. It's such a big part of me. I am really thankful now for the ability to run after taking so much time off. There's just nothing like it!

I tried doing some leg workouts with squats and lunges a couple of times but my incision was starting to hurt so I am currently just running for now. Hopefully soon my incision will be able to handle a little more soon.

I am now about 5-6 lbs away from my pre pregnancy weight and I feel like the lbs are coming off so slowly but I think when you only have a few lbs left thats kind of how it goes. I know I'm putting in the work and it will come off eventually. I do feel my body changing though. My legs are slowly changing shape, feeling stronger and getting muscle definition back and my belly is going down. It's so amazing to me that we have the ability to literally change our bodies just by what we eat and how we exercise. Pretty cool when you really think about it.

2 months                                                                                 5 weeks
Overall, right now I'm focused on being the best mom to my little C as possible but I'm also taking care of myself and I'm focused on running my first 5k back to the best of my ability. I can't wait to cross that finish line and see Connor and Johnny waiting for me! First race with a baby - So exciting!

That's all for now! I'm hoping to write a post on cloth diapers soon so keep on the lookout for that. :)

(P.S. If you think C looks different, it's because we buzzed all his hair off because he was starting to look like an old man! It accidentally got a little too short and I had an emotional breakdown about it lol but now it's growing in all even and fuzzy so it's all good!)

xoxo Jessenia


  1. god hes too freakin cute! i love the little beanie too!! i was wondering about the hair ;)

  2. Love your blog girlie! Can't wait to read more!! Just followed you! xoxo

  3. He is just precious! Congratulations! It is so fun having a boy and seeing hubby with a boy. I can't wait till they can do guy things together. :) And you look awesome! I am so not the motivated exerciser. With a toddler and a baby, I claim chasing them around nonstop as my exercise right now. Someday I hope to get into a routine though and you are certainly motivating me!

    1. Thanks! It's definitely harder to fit it in with a baby and I can't even imagine with 2. The hardest part is starting the workout but when you're done it's so worth it! and I'm sure chasing a toddler is a great workout! :)