Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Running - Mommy Style

If you know me, you know I love running. My freshman year of high school my mom convinced me to run cross country to get into shape for soccer and also because she ran when she was in high school. When the season first started I hated it! I remember we would have to run around the fields behind the school and when we got to a part where our coach couldn't see us we would walk.

As the season progressed I fell in love with it. I especially loved racing. Putting everything you have into training and then competing in a race is such an amazing feeling and not only are you racing against the other runners but your racing against yourself. I was constantly trying to beat my PR.

Even though I loved racing and running I was always one of those runners who was content with being in the middle of the pack - not super slow and not super fast. I trained hard but when I felt like being lazy I did. lol.

I continued running through college and up until I got pregnant, competing in 5ks here and there and I did my first half marathon last October. I had always thought I would be a pregnant runner but once I got pregnant it just didn't feel right to me. I know there's loads of research on the pros and cons but for me personally it didn't seem like the right choice so for a whole 9 months I didn't run. It was the longest I have gone without running since I was 14. Needless to say, I missed it .. a lot!

After my c-section the doctor cleared me to run at 4 weeks and I started out really slow with walk breaks. It always sucks to have to start running from scratch but I kept at it and built up my endurance. As of now at 12 weeks I pretty much feel back to normal with my endurance and pace. I'm running a 5k soon and then I'm going to be training for a half marathon starting in January.

Although most of the time I run by myself while my husband watches Connor, I still feel like running has changed for me. Being a mommy runner is much different! When I go out for a run most of the time I think about Connor at home. What is he doing? Is he hungry? Is he still sleeping? My husband is great with him so I know I don't have to worry but that's just what moms do!

I also can't just run for as long as I want or decide I want to run another mile mid- run because I know I have to be home to feed Connor since he still doesn't go very long between feedings. Even though these might seem like bad things they aren't at all! I love knowing that when I walk in the door after a great run my little man will be waiting for me! I love him so much! I also can't wait for him to get a little bigger so he can ride in the BOB running stroller without the car seat. I hope he likes it! That way we can  go on long runs together and of course when he can run, I hope he'll be running next to me!

I have read many forums about mommy runners who say they are in better shape and have more determination post baby than they did before and I think I could say the same for myself. I'm not in better shape quite yet but my determination is higher because I have something to work for. I'm working off the baby weight and working towards feeling strong again. My goal is to beat my PRs for a 5k and half eventually and when I do I know I can look forward to seeing my husband and my sweet baby boy waiting for me at the finish line!

Hope everyone is having a great week! If you're a mommy runner, how has it changed for you?

xoxo Jessenia

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  1. I started running for the first time ever 8 weeks after Isaac was born. Having my second child gave me the motivation to start, and it became my stress relief. I've run two 5k's since I started running, and would eventually love to train for a half marathon! It is so, so hard to find the time to run sometimes, with two kids and mine and my husband's work schedules, but it's always worth it. Every time I make it out the door to run is a mini victory of its own.