Monday, November 19, 2012

Thoughts on Co-sleeping

When I was pregnant I wrote this post about co-sleeping. Having never had a baby before I had no idea how I would actually feel on this subject. I went through all the ideas in my head before Connor was born. I finally settled on side-caring Connor's crib with our bed. We set it up a few weeks before his arrival and I would stare over at it every night and dream about the day he would be laying in it!

The first two nights we spent at the hosiptal I was still very sore from surgery and I could barely get out of the hospital bed so Connor slept with me in the hospital bed. I was also struggling a little with breastfeeding since I didn't get to put him to the breast right after delivery (sigh) so it was nice to have him close to try feeding him as much as possible.

Once we got home the plan had been to have him in his crib next to our bed but I couldn't sleep on the side with the crib because it was too hard for me to get out of the bed since I was still very sore. I ended up putting Connor right next to me in the bed all swaddled and basically held him the first two nights at home because I was so nervous to roll over him.

As I started feeling better I started sleeping on the side of the bed where his crib is attached and at the beginning I could get him to fall asleep in his crib and then when I would feed him I would let him fall asleep on me which quickly transitioned into him having to sleep on top on me all the time. We went on this way for a while and then we discovered that he slept well in his car seat so we put his car seat in the crib and put him to sleep in that (sounds a little weird but it works!)

Sleeping in his crib
 Now if I am not going to bed at the same time as C, we usually put the car seat in the crib and he falls asleep in it for about 4-5 hrs. Then after his first feeding I just set him next to me (in between my husband and I - not in his crib - he somehow knows the difference and won't sleep in his crib) pat him on the back and most times he falls right asleep.

Sleeping in our bed
I remember saying in my original post that I didn't want to have him in between us at night. Oh how things have changed! I think co-sleeping arrangements are totally personal choice and based on each family but I am also finding out it has a lot to do with what baby wants too. C isn't one of those easy babies that you just put in their crib and they fall asleep. Based on how many different ways he has preferred to sleep in his sort 2 1/2 months of life, he is definitely opinionated. I love having him sleep with us because he's only going to be a baby one time and we both are so enjoying snuggling with him every night and morning.

Since my husband works from home, most days he wakes up at the same time as C and I do. Wake up time is always decided my C himslef. He kicks me in the stomach every morning until I wake up! After I feed him Johnny and I play with him in bed and enjoy all of his adorable baby smiles and coos. There's just nothing like it!

I mean who wouldn't want to wake up to this face ;)
My plan is still to start transitioning him to his own room around 6 months which means before then I'm going to have to wean him off of sleeping in our bed to sleeping in his crib - attached to our bed. We will see how this goes though. I am still a firm believer that parents should be the boss of their children and not the other way around. Right now C is so small and innocent that I don't want to wean him, train him, or put him on schedules yet but once he is older I want to get a little more structured which means him moving into his room.

However, it's still a few months away so for now we are going to enjoy C being a little baby and snuggling as much as possible! Thoughts?! Leave a comment :)

Have a blessed week!

xoxo Jessenia

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