Wednesday, February 24, 2010

3000 words about a Deer

Hello Darlings! Today I have to write a rough draft paper about the Florida Key Deer and it has to be between 2500-3000 words. Of course I waited until the last minute and it's due tomorrow! Such is life.
I started my day with the usual cup of coffee with soy creamer and one Sugar in the Raw. I got a lot done, about 1,200 words. Then I ate some raisins (loveee raisins) and now it's lunch time. Yippeee!

Today for lunch I went to the caf. because I didn't have time to pack a lunch. My school has the best salad bar ever so I went for it. There are two size containers you can choose from and I always go with the small one because it's only $2.29. Can't beat it right? But the lunch lady yelled at me one time and told me I filled it up too much. Haha. So I have to be sneaky and fill it as full as I can without her seeing me. I also got pretzels and a water.

My salad consisted of a little pasta salad (w/ mayo, one of my weakness right there. I love mayo!), lettuce, cucumbers, black olives (all time fav), chick peas, hard-boiled egg, banana peppers, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, and green peppers.

Let me tell you, it was sooo good and healthy too minus the non-whole wheat pasta and mayo. But overall, it was a yummy lunch. I am very pro salad bar.

Now I'm off to write some more and I'm thinking about having another half cup of coffee minus the creamer w/ one Sugar in the Raw to keep me going. According to an article my brother showed me, the more coffee you drink, the less likely you are to have health problems. That is if you don't have any preexisting conditions. I don't believe everything I read but I'm very open to new information. You can read the article HERE.

I hope you are all having a fabulous Wednesday. Only 2 more days until the weekend!

Do you love the salad bar as much as me? What's your favorite salad bar item?

xoxo Jessenia


  1. I forgot to bring my turkey sandwich i made this morning for work. I guess i'll be getting a salad too but from wendy's. lol

  2. Wow, that looks like a good salad. I love a salad bar too. I think my salad would have about the same things as yours minus the pasta salad. I don't like Mayo.

  3. I had no idea the college had a salad bar! They're so nice for vegans haha. Have you ever been to Sweet Tomatoes? It's a salad bar restaurant that's loaded with anything you can imagine to put on your plate. There are also homemade soups and baked potatoes, as well as pasta dishes all for once price. You can go back to it as many times as you want, and can take leftovers with you. It's my favorite place to be, as you can see haha.

  4. Wow that sounds unbelievably amazing haha where is it?