Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I realized yesterday that since I've started this blog about "Health and Fitness" I have really only talked about food. Which would make it seem like all I ever do is eat and not work out! haha. I do eat a lot I won't lie to you but today I'm writing about Spin Class. I LOVE Spin. It's the best. I went last night with my friend Amy.

Spin is an aerobic exercise that you do on a stationary bike called a spinning bike. As you ride the teacher plays up beat music and guides you on your ride. My teacher is the best of the best. She's constantly pushing us to our maximum capacity and often runs by our bike to motivate us. I enjoy spin so much because the pumping music and the teacher challenging you sets the tone for you to give it all you have. It's a very challenging workout but its a very rewarding one. If you've never tried a Spin class I highly recommend it. Most gyms will offer it. If you're looking for a new workout, I promise this will be a fun one!

Have you ever taken a spin class? What's your favorite workout?


  1. Ah I so want to do spin but I don't think they offer it at Planet Fitness...

  2. That stinks .. they don't have it at Gold's either :(