Friday, February 12, 2010

Free Food

Everyone loves free food right? I know I do! Today at work they are having a huge event and they served a complimentary lunch. I've noticed that whenever food is free people tend to eat as much as they can. I know I'm guilty of that! I guess it's just the whole free thing. Understandable in this economy. But even though the food is free it doesn't give us an excuse to overindulge.
I remember one time in particular that I went to a work party with my husband and the food being served was chicken fingers, fries, and onion rings. Normally, I wouldn't order fried food or if I did I would try not to eat very much of it. This was not the case on that day. FREE was the word ringing in my head so I decided to take advantage of it and stuff myself. Not such a great idea! Afterwards I was left feeling bloated and greasy. So the moral of the story is even though the food is free it might not be worth the price tag.

Today, though, I lucked out and the free food was mostly healthy!
The menu was: rice, corn, chicken w/ green peppers and onions on flour tortillas, veggies, sour cream, guacamole, cookies, and brownies.

I chose the rice, corn, chicken w/ green peppers on flour tortillas, and veggies with a water.

The reason I strayed away from the extra condiments are because first off, I'm allergic to milk so I couldn't have them anyways but also because they can be an added source of calories. We never really think twice about adding them to our meals but believe me our bodies won't miss them one bit.

Food Fact: A 1 ounce serving of sour cream has 59 calories and a 1 ounce serving of guacamole has 60 calories.

Also, I didn't have dessert. As we all know cookies, cake, and brownies are high in sugar and calories. I am probably one of the biggest lovers of dessert ever, so it's tough for me to say no but I'm working on trying to bake some healthy goodies very soon! Also, I chose water instead of soda.

Also, I discovered a new healthy snack yesterday. lol I'm sure i'm not the first one. Unsalted rice cakes with peanut butter. yummy.

What's your favorite healthy snack?

xoxo Jessenia


  1. I like apples and pears. For something crunchy popcorn always does the trick.

  2. apples are so tasty .. i haven't even made popcorn yet with my whirly pop!

  3. Apples sprinkled with cinnamon are SOOOO good. You can even put them in the oven for a second to warm them up.. SO good. Every once in a while I sprinkle a tiny bit of sugar on it, but it's good even without sugar!!!! When you ahve a craving for dessert, this is a good substitute!