Sunday, March 4, 2012

13 weeks

This week was probably one of the longest weeks ever, only due to the fact that it was the week before spring break. I'm so glad it's over and that I get to take a whole week for myself to work on the house and mostly just relax. Also, since I'm officially into the second tri I can say that I feel much better and it's not just in my head! I still feel tired but no more all day nausea. So glad to put that behind me!

This weekend we were in Orlando visiting with one of my best friends who lives in Minnesota. She and her husband were down here for vacation. We had a fun day with them yesterday and then out of no where our car breaks down! Long story short we had to take a taxi twice, spend a buttload to get the car fixed and wait at a mall for 4 hrs without the for mentioned friends! But life goes on right?!

In other news, there's been quite a few births this week amongst my Facebook friends and it's so sweet to see all the adorable pictures. Seems so crazy that that will be us in just 6 short months :)

I also went to the doctor this week and got to hear the baby's little heartbeat. I recorded it for Johnny since he was working. It's so surreal every time. I also got my appointment for the next ultrasound where we will get to find out the sex of the baby. We are so so excited!

Here's some updates from this week:

Weight gained: according to the doctor I lost 2 pounds. Stupid morning sickness.

Cravings: sweets, but I'm trying not I give in.

Baby items purchased: none. I'm waiting so I can be gender specific.

Maternity items purchased: belly band. When you wear jeans as tight as I do it doesn't take long until you can't button them anymore! Haha

Workouts: 3 - 2 mile walks

It might just be my imagination but I think I grew.

12 weeks
13 weeks

I'll be back after a week of relaxation ;)

Xoxo Jessenia + baby

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