Monday, March 26, 2012

16 weeks

& 3 days :)

This post is a few days late but better late than never right?! The past week was a really exciting one for two reasons. It's getting closer and closer to the ultrasound date and I'm starting to feel a lot more movement!

I was feeling a few flutters in week 15 but I didn't really think much of it because I wasn't sure if it was the baby or not. This past week I have really noticed a difference in the feelings and it's so exciting. I feel like there's a little worm squirming around in my belly.

I know this may sound crazy but I feel like I have felt, at least twice, movement from the outside. However, the husband couldn't feel a thing so I'm thinking it may have been mostly on the inside but a little on the outside if that makes sense!

Now that I have been feeling movement I always try to sit or lay down after I eat and just concentrate on trying to feel the baby move. It's such a surreal feeling and I'm so looking forward to all the movement and real kicks to come!

Our ultrasound is in exactly 17 days! We are beyond excited and super anxious. Well mostly me on the anxious part. I've never been a patient waiter. I've been reading about what to do before an ultrasound to get the clearest picture and up the odds of being able to tell the sex of the baby. It's been mostly mixed reviews with things ranging from drinking 4 oz of soda to eating chocolate to drinking a bunch of water. I'm thinking of calling my Dr's office when it gets close and asking them.

Other than that I'm just trying to enjoy every moment of this wonderful experience and try not to dread going to work everyday. Waking up at 6 am still doesn't agree with my stomach. But who knows maybe when I'm not working anymore I might miss it... Probably not. haha.

Here what I looked like on Saturday at 16 weeks:

Updates for the week:

Weight gained: 1 lb yay!

Workouts: 2 - water aerobics & a 2 mi walk

Movement: little squirms here and there

Gender predictions: still think it's a girl but a tiny part of my thinks its a boy too

Do any of you have suggestions on what to do before an ultrasound? Thanks for reading! :)

xoxo Jessenia + Baby


  1. Hey...idk if you reminder me...nicole howard...we went to middle school together...same class in 7th grade...we were friends on fb before I deleted it, which is why I have this :-P but I have loved reading this every week. So many people I went to school work have kids now but no one actually tells you about it lol it's so cool to see bellies grow! :-) just wanted to say hi and I'm a reader of yours :-D

  2. Hi! I remember you :) Hope you are doing well. What have you been up to? Thanks for reading!

  3. I'm in new jersey now...same old work and home stuff lol