Saturday, March 17, 2012

15 Weeks

Happy St. Patrick's Day!! We don't really do much for this holiday but I did do one festive thing today! Frienzies four leaf clover tattoos! (fake of course haha)

This week has been a good week overall but a very tiring one. Going back to work after a week off is always a culture shock. Then add in the time change, which makes it pitch black when I leave in the morning and the fact that I was still kind of sick and it makes for an exhausting week. But I'm not complaining! It was a good week. I'm finding myself getting more and more excited about the baby and it's so fun to daydream about him/ her throughout my day. :)

I also realized this week that I am obsessed with pregnancy blogs or blogs of anyone who is/ was pregnant. The main reason is because I find it so fun and interesting to read about other peoples experiences and see their growing bellies.

On that note, I was reading that in general when you are pregnant with a boy your bump is low and when you are pregnant with a girl your bump is high. Although my bump is just a wee thing I really think it's pretty low. This whole time I have thought the baby is a girl but lately I have been thinking it's a boy! The mystery will be over in just 4 weeks!

I finally bought a new bathing suit today which for me was accomplishment in itself. Since I've been pregnant I've been in need of a new suit but kept putting it off. When we got home I  laid by the pool with my friends and enjoyed the Florida sun. Very relaxing!

Here's my bump update. Although it might not look that much bigger, I feel huge! It's so cool to watch your body change everyday and know it's because the little one is growing bigger and bigger.

Here's an update on this week:

Weight Gained: 0 pounds

Cravings: anything salty. french fries.

Aversions: still cooked vegetables

Workouts: 0 - I mostly rested so I could get rid of my cold

Days Until Next Dr Appointment: 26

I also learned this week that you can count pregnancy months by either the lunar calendar or the regular calendar. If you count by the lunar calendar there are only 4 weeks in each month. Sounds good to me so I'm going by that. That means by the end of this coming week when I am 16 weeks, I will be 4 months pregnant! Craziness!

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

xoxo Jessenia + Baby


  1. I carried low with both my boys- especially Isaac. Old ladies in the grocery store would randomly come up to me and tell me it was a boy :) I craved french fries a lot too when I was pregnant. Glad you're doing well- you look great! We should hang out sometime when I'm in Stuart, if you want to practice some baby holding :)

  2. Thanks! Ya that would be fun. Congratulations again! Isaac is so cute. :)