Sunday, July 8, 2012

31 Weeks

It is officially less than 2 months until my due date! - by one day ;). I was thinking yesterday how these are the last two months of our lives that we won't be parents. That is such a crazy thing to think about but so ridiculously exciting! 

I said last week that I had finally decided on sleeping arrangements for the baby and that we were going to be using a co-sleeper that goes in the bed. As I'm finding out, pregnancy makes me very indecisive and I have already changed my mind about that arrangement! I have now decided that we will be side caring the baby's crib up against our bed and using it as a co-sleeper for the first 5-6 months and then hopefully moving the crib and our little boy to his own room. 

The main reasons I decided this are because of space, comfort, and money. 

Using a co-sleeper that goes in the bed probably would have worked for us but it would have been pretty cramped because we have a queen size bed. I know that we will both already be getting less sleep and I didn't want being uncomfortable to take away from the sleep we will be getting. 

I also wanted to make sure not only the baby but also that the husband and I are comfortable. I think it's really important to give your husband just as much attention as the baby. Having the baby in between us every night just didn't seem like something that would end up being a comfortable situation for us. Don't get me wrong I want my baby boy as close as possible to bond, snuggle, and breastfeed but I also know my husband and I know he will want to feel close the me also. 

Baby stuff can start to get expensive and as far as sleeping goes I wanted to make sure that our little boy had the best sleeping environment since babies spend most of their time sleeping. Therefore, I opted for a more expensive mattress. Since I was already spending money on a crib and mattress (actually my parents bought the mattress as a gift, thanks guys!) I didn't want to spend any extra money on a co-sleeper whether it be in the bed or next to it. 

The solution is side caring the crib we are already buying! I think it will work out for us perfectly and I'm actually really excited about it! 

Here's the crib we bought: 
Ikea Gulliver Crib, White

Here's the mattress my parents got us:

Here is a picture of what a side cared crib looks like: 

Via: Soul Mothering

Also, this website has a great video on how to side car a crib safely. There are quite a few safety issues concerned with the process and it's very important to follow all the guidelines to ensure the safety of the baby. I'll be getting my crib and mattress in the mail in about a week so I will definitely be writing a
post about how we are going to set our crib up next to our bed! 

Here's a weekly update and bump pictures: 

Weight gained: 0 lbs. Still at around 17 lbs gained. 

Workouts: 2 - 1 mile walks 

Thoughts about labor: Excitement! After getting some great advice from my mother-in-law and reading the Bradley Method book I'm feeling so peaceful and prepared! 

Baby's position: I'm almost positive my little boy is head down now but we will see at my appointment on Friday what the midwife says!

Have a blessed week! 

xoxo Jessenia + Baby Boy


  1. That crib looks like it will be a great option! We (well my parents) dropped a butt load on our organic mattress too, but if they use it for years I felt like it was a solid investment. My cousin gave us a bassinet to use those first 2-3 months which I am REALLY grateful for b/c our bedroom does not even have enough space for a pack n' play! Gosh - soon our little boys will be here!

  2. Ya I agree completely! If they use it for a while and then maybe another baby will use it too then it's totally worth it. I can't believe how fast it's going! So exciting! Hope your baby shower went well. Pictures!?!

  3. I think you're going to love that arrangement. We've co-slept with both our boys, and it has truly been the best thing for our family. eek your little one will be here so soon!!

    1. I know! I can't believe it. I'm so excited! :)